BBC Film 2114 Review of ‘12 years a Foodbank User’

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I’m not offering any opinions about this piece, just putting it here so I can read/study this more later.

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Cameron & co stung by criticism from charities over food poverty decide to eliminate foodbank use by banning foodbanks!

Cameron & co stung by criticism from charities over food poverty decide to eliminate foodbank use by banning foodbanks! Image donated by @Rowland72James from Twitter

“Hello, and welcome to another episode of the BBC’s ‘Film 2114’. This week we will be focussing on a potential British Oscar winner ’12 years a Foodbank User’. Most people, who haven’t studied this area of history will probably be unaware of what a ‘foodbank’ is. I will tell you now, and I promise, you won’t believe a word I say, but it’s all true. A foodbank is a place people went to when in a financial crisis; they had not been provided by appropriate financial support from the state or they were not earning enough through work. A foodbank would then provide these people in crisis with 3 days emergency food supplies. Unthinkable, I know!

You’ll be thinking that only a tiny number of…

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Science-Fiction represents some of the Best Philosophy

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Science-Fiction represents a great way to allow some of the most imaginative and visionary authors and film directors of all time to transport us to places where anything is possible and the only rules are the ones set by the world’s creator. But, it is much more than this. Not only does it make us think of the universe in new ways, it can make us think about life from new and novel perspectives that standard fiction can never achieve.  For me, Sci-Fi represents one of the best outlets for philosophy that is on offer today.

The basic goal of philosophy is to ask the big questions about life; what is consciousness and free will? What is morality and how do we be good? What makes good politics and how is a good state run? Sci-Fi can comment on these questions, and can ask questions from unusual and innovative angles…

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Amy Bishop, Etc. — Women Are Violent. Women Kill. This Is Why

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This is an old post, but really need to check out this book……looks interesting.

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Cover of "Blown Away: American Women and ...

Cover of Blown Away: American Women and Guns

It is not common for women to kill. Typically, we only murder those closest to us — partners, lovers, husbands or children. But we do. For some reason, this results in confusion.

From The New York Times, another think-piece on Amy Bishop, the University of Alabama professor who recently shot and killed three of her colleagues:

But the landscape of unprovoked but premeditated female violence remains strangely unexplored. Women who kill are “relegated to an ‘exceptional case’ status that rests upon some exceptional, or untoward killing circumstance: the battered wife who kills her abusive husband; the postpartum psychotic mother who kills her newborn infant,” Candice Skrapec, a professor of criminology, noted in “The Female Serial Killer,” an essay included in the anthology “Moving Targets: Women, Murder and Representation” (1994).

Ms. Skrapec was writing at a time when Hollywood seemed preoccupied with women who commit crimes — in productions…

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“It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place”

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I’m not saying I agree with every word of this, but there’re some noteworthy things to be read here.

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By Caitlin Kelly

The Red Queen's race

The Red Queen’s race (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

The words are from Alice in Wonderland, spoken by the Red Queen.

Sadly, they still apply to millions of American workers, (and those in struggling economies worldwide), for whom the “economic recovery” means little. Their wages are stagnant, their costs rising.

From a recent edition of The New York Times:

For all but the most highly educated and affluent Americans, incomes have stagnated, or worse, for more than a decade. The census report found that median household income, adjusted for inflation, was $51,017 in 2012, down about 9 percent from an inflation-adjusted peak of $56,080 in 1999, mostly as a result of the longest and most damaging recession since the Depression. Most people have had no gains since the economy hit…

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FBI: Rowlett Man Sent Hundreds Of White Powder Letters

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Well, gee-whiz……at least the letters themselves were entertaining! Geez, how bored must this guy have been?! …..and the Scooby Doo references, seriously?!

Originally posted on CBS Dallas / Fort Worth:

ROWLETT (CBSDFW.COM) - For the past six years, someone has been mailing letters containing white powder from North Texas to cities across the United States and U.S. Embassies around the world.  The man behind the mailings has been arrested and identified as 66-year-old Hong Minh Truong, according to federal authorities.

More than 500 letters have been mailed since December 2008, announced U.S. Attorney Sarah R. Saldaña of the Northern District of Texas.  The letters were mailed in batches with a Dallas, Texas postmark.  Authorities determined the same person was responsible for mailing the letters by at the language in the letters and the method by which the letters were sent.

The letters were sent to U.S. government offices, schools, daycare, aerospace companies and hotels near Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey.

“While it was determined that the mailings did not contain toxins or poisons, each incident required a field screening…

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