For the Birds

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This isn’t the kind of thing I normally re-blog…..but I found it interesting.

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“Owls have a peculiar knowing way, a strict sense of personal space, a connoisseur’s restful delight in their food, a certain repose, a remarkable capacity for necessary aggression.”

Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds by Lyanda Lynn Haupt

When M read this to me recently, I thought, “What a great character sketch!”  The style and flow of this sentence (and believe me, the book is full of them) makes me involuntarily smile as I pick each phrase apart and apply it to a person.  I make plans for pouring this sentence (like a syrup) into my morning writing, infusing that delicious penchant for a chapter’s worth of information in such an adorable little package … and then realize I have gotten lost in its magic and am going to be late for work.

This is why reading, on a voracious level, is so important.  I have accepted (to some degree) that…

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Photo Gallery: The High Roller

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Spence from Chet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo was one of the first Las Vegans to ride the Las Vegas High Roller, the 550-foot tall observation wheel that anchors Caesars Entertainment’s shopping and entertainment district known as The Linq. Spence took a ride before the first ticketed customers on Monday, March 31st.

Haven’t seen enough of the High Roller? Check out the nighttime time-lapse video of a full 30-minute ride in just thirty seconds.

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Four Features to Publish Your Poems

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I like this……good stuff worth remembering!

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Earlier today, we kicked off National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo. Since you’ll be writing a poem each day, here are four easy-to-use features in your Post Editor to help with publishing your poetry.


When you format your poems, consider blockquotes to call out bits of text. You can display text in a blockquote by placing it inside <blockquote> and </blockquote> tags in your Text Editor, or by clicking the blockquote button in your Visual Editor:


Here’s an example of how text is displayed in a blockquote:

Sifting through my Camera Roll

thousands of images not posted online

I hunt through my library

see the outtakes

and rejects of my days

the stuff I’d felt wasn’t good enough to share

yet these are the photos

unshared, unfiltered

that really tell my stories

“Fragments on Time”

Preformatted text

You can also use preformatted text to distinguish text within…

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Where Have All The Public Intellectuals Gone

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Um, this is exactly the kind of stuff I’ve been thinking about over the past few months, but didn’t have the salt to put together in a post!

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“Professors, we need you!” announces the title of a Nicholas Kristof op-ed in the NY Times . Kristof goes on to lament the dearth of public intellectuals actively informing American culture regarding “today’s great debates.” Kristof blames this regrettable state of affairs on a series of predictable culprits: tedious academic writing, pressure to publish arcane scholarship in obscure journals, and hyper-specialized areas of research with little bearing on public life.

The responses I’ve read to Kristof’s column tend to grant that Kristof, almost despite himself, has put his finger on something, but go on to explain why his analysis is mostly flawed. Take as one example Corey Robin’s lengthy response: “Look Who Nick Kristof’s Saving Now.”

Part, but only part, of Robin’s response is to point to a host of intellectuals that would very much like to be public intellectuals and certainly have what it takes to fill that role…

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