Just a spoonful of balance……..

It brings me no pleasure to post something like this…..particularly, with it hitting so close to home (literally)…..but East Texas is filled with gun worshipers……..people who think there’re few social ills on this planet that can’t be fixed with a gun……well, here’s a touch of counter-balance to that notion:


Small excerpt from the article:

“David Tankersley sat in a local restaurant waiting for his best friend Saturday night, but the hours passed and his friend did not show.

It was not until the next day Tankersley learned why 62-year-old Gary L. Dooley of Hideaway did not show up or return his phone calls and texts.

‘I didn’t know until about 3 p.m. Sunday Gary had been killed Saturday at a local gun range. When I got the news, I was just in shock. My brother and I had been waiting for Gary to meet us at B.J.’s Brewhouse and he never showed. I figured something just came up,’ he said with a somber tone in his voice.

Smith County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call about 4:45 p.m. Saturday, from the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office stating that they had received a 911 call regarding a man accidentally shooting himself at 31 West Shooting Range at 16934 Texas Highway 31 west.

The man, identified as Dooley by Tankersley, died at the scene. “

It just cant keep on being this way

This, from an article entitled 85 richest now have as much money as 3.5 billion poorest:

Much ink has been spilled about the widening gap between the richest and the poorest, and about what it means for the global economic outlook, and yet, extreme inequality persists.

And while some argue that more should be done to help people at the bottom, rather than attack those at the top, former US Department of Health and Human Services assistant secretary Peter Edelman said it was time for the rich to pay up.

“I used to believe,” Edelman said in his book “So Rich, So Poor,” “that the debate over wealth distribution should be conducted separately from the poverty debate, in order to minimize the attacks on antipoverty advocates for engaging in ‘class warfare.’ But now we literally cannot afford to separate the two issues.”

The “economic and political power of those at the top,” Edelman said, is “making it virtually impossible to find the resources to do more at the bottom.

“The only way we will improve the lot of the poor, stabilize the middle class, and protect our democracy is by requiring the rich to pay more of the cost of governing the country that enables their huge accretion of wealth.”

The Most Popular Book Of All Time

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Whether or not you’re a Christian or read the Bible, I think you’ll find this infographic pretty interesting.

The Bible, by far, is the “best-selling” book of all time. In sheer numbers, just look at how it compares in terms of copies sold.

Also, of note, the infographic shows the books with the largest word count. Mission Earth by scientologist wack job L. Ron Hubbard has more than 1.2 million words. I wonder how many of those words Tom Cruise has read?

Second is a novel I’ve never heard of called Sironia, Texas by Madison Cooper. It weighs in at 1.1 million words. The King James Version of the Bible has a little over 788,000 words, which ranks fifth.

Interesting stuff here. Anything surprise you?

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[BadPanda199] Life In A Box – Etendue des possibles

Dont Ask Meimnoexpert:

Cool tune! Bad Panda puts out some cool stuff. This band is called ‘Life In A Box’.

Originally posted on Bad Panda Records:

Life In A Box is the musical project of Fabien Dortel influenced by producer as Alva Noto, Mùm, Autechre, Kettel or Tim Exile is joined here by Iam9 (vocals), Munattak (flute), Chloe (djembe, cajon) and SHIFT (graphic design).

Life In A Box on  soundcloud | facebook

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