How To: Giant Foam Head Frankenstein’s Monster Costume

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Big Hands and Foam Head Frankenstien's Monster Costume by Scott Sauer

Big Hands and Foam Head Frankenstien’s Monster Costume by Scott Sauer

All Hallows Eve
Every October I make Halloween costumes for my kids. Through past costume builds I have learned two main things: eyesight is very important and keep the feet free to easily conquer sidewalks, uneven yards, and stairs.  To ensure the night of trick-or-treating is a treat, keep the costumes light and comfortable!

The youngest (eight years old at the time) wanted to be Frankenstein’s Monster. For his costume I wanted the head and hands to be over-sized like a caricature, as we were going more for funny and fun instead of realistic and frightening.

Making the Big Hands
I started with cheap cotton work gloves, PVC pipe, PVC 45 degree bend connectors, and scrap foam (sponges would work too).
Cut the pipe into small segments so they fill the ends of the large work glove fingers.

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How to Start a Tool Lending Library

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David Lang, something of a reluctant maker, is on a journey, intensively immersing himself in maker culture and learning as many DIY skills as he can, in part through a generous arrangement with our pals at TechShop. He’s regularly chronicling his efforts in this column — what he’s learning, who he’s meeting, and what hurdles he’s clearing (um… or not). –Gareth

Photo Credit: West Seattle Tool Lending Library

Throughout my Zero to Maker journey, I’ve prided myself on how much I’ve been able to accomplish without actually owning many of the tools I’ve needed. As someone with a tight budget and an even smaller studio apartment, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I can accomplish through collaborative outlets like TechShop and Noisebridge. However, last week, my strategy fell apart.

While working on building a standing desk in my room, the cheap, electric drill I was using totally gave…

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Terror Nights (Tyler, Texas)

The 'Prepper' room at Terror Nights in Tyler.

The ‘Prepper’ room at Terror Nights in Tyler.

Well, this was an article I’d submitted at but it didn’t make the cut, so I thought I’d throw it up here (slightly modified, considering the venue-shift) instead:

Haunted attractions all across [[Texas]] are opening this month, promising scares and frights for attendees. ”’13th Floor”’ haunted house in [[w:San Antonio, Texas|San Antonio]] opened last week and is the first attraction of its kind to open this season in the city. ”’Zombie Manor”’, a long running attraction near Dallas, also opened last week. Billing itself as a haunted house “park”, ”’Thrillvania”’ features 4 separate haunted houses located near the city of Terrell. With names like ‘Sam Hain’s Trail of Torment’ and the totally dark ‘Thorn Hall’, this park opens on Friday.

”’The House of Torment”’, another multi-haunt attraction opened last week in Austin, offering up 3 separate attractions.

I visited ”’Terror Nights”’ haunt in Tyler recently. About a dozen people were gathered there for new employee orientation. The haunt’s general manager, Ryan Laepple, told new actors to be aware of their surroundings when working the attraction. He also cautioned them, saying, “Don’t get involved with boisterous guests.” He went on to say the haunt usually has 200-300 people who can’t get through the attraction without leaving via one of the “chicken doors” located throughout the attraction. Offering two haunts, namely ‘The Toy Factory’ and the newly designed ‘Chiseltooth Manor’, Laepple told employees his haunt offers the, “…most intense experience you’ll find this Halloween in East Texas.” He noted that in recent years, the haunt saw as many as 1800 people go through the haunt in one evening. Laepple said he and staff spent five months building Chiseltooth Manor, a set beaming with apparent influence from the film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Comic Book Review: Nosferatu Wars (One-Shot)

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Looks interesting.

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NosferatuWarsNosferatu Wars

Horror/March 12, 2014/Color/40 Pages/One-Shot/$3.99

Dark Horse Comics

Written by: Steve Niles

Artist: menton3

Cover: menton3

Buy Nosferatu Wars

Synopsis :

If the undead have glory days, then the Black Plague was the era they never could have imagined. No longer hunted, no longer suspected, the vampires ran, exempt from fear. They were free to play—until the night the vampires turned against each other.

Dark Horse Comics satisfies the horror comic fans once again by releasing this one-shot of Nosferatu Wars. Steve Niles’ brilliant writing has always been a favorite among horror fans. Some may recognize his name from such titles as Breath of Bones30 Days of NightCriminal Macabre, and Clive Barker’s Book of Blood. Nosferatu Wars brings together #1-4 of the series which was Originally Published in Dark Horse Presents #26-#29. The story definitely keeps you interested and wanting more.  I absolutley loved…

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