[BadPanda199] Life In A Box – Etendue des possibles

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Cool tune! Bad Panda puts out some cool stuff. This band is called ‘Life In A Box’.

Originally posted on Bad Panda Records:

Life In A Box is the musical project of Fabien Dortel influenced by producer as Alva Noto, Mùm, Autechre, Kettel or Tim Exile is joined here by Iam9 (vocals), Munattak (flute), Chloe (djembe, cajon) and SHIFT (graphic design).

Life In A Box on  soundcloud | facebook

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NEW RELEASE: LAV-25 Amphibious Reconnaissance Vehicle

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Brickmania is pleased to announce the release of our newest modern military combat vehicle kit: the LAV-25  We have only a single run of these kits planned before the holiday season and no guarantee they will ever be produced again.

822_LAV25_2Background of the LAV-25

The LAV-25 is an eight-wheeled armored reconaissance vehicle currently used by the US Marines and Canadian Army. It’s puspose is to give force recon elements a highly mobile, armored weapons platform and personnel carrier. It can travel at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour on land and eight miles per hour through rivers and lakes. It is armed with a Bushmaster 25mm chain gun, has a crew of three, and can carry four additional troops in the passenger compartment. It’s combat debut was made during in the Invasion of Panama and has since seen action in both Iraq wars and in Afghanistan.

822_LAV25_3LAdditional information about this…

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Imagine Dragons Tease New Album with First Single ‘I Bet My Life': Listen

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Originally posted on 98.5 KLUC Las Vegas:

By Kevin Rutherford

Imagine Dragons‘ sophomore album is coming, and if the first single is any indication, the fans the Las Vegas rockers gained from their debutNight Visionswill be pleased indeed ? one might say they “bet their life”on it.

“I Bet My Life,” the first single from Imagine Dragons’ second album, was released late last night (Oct. 26) to Vevo and YouTube.

The song is full of the bombastic, pounding percussion that typified the four-piece’s biggest hits over the past year or so, from “Radioactive” to “It’s Time.” Couple that with a group chorus meant to be shouted at the top of one’s lungs ? likely by fans whenever the band embarks on another tour around the new album’s release.

Related: Imagine Dragons Release New Song ‘Warriors’ for ‘League of Legends’ Video Game: Listen

“I know I took the path that you would never want for…

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“Ethanifier” Lets You Build Your Own Single-Purpose Messaging App Like The Viral Hit “Ethan”

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Earlier this month, a ridiculous but clever app calledEthan began blowing up on the startup discovery site Product Hunt. The app is a simple creation built by iOS developer Ethan Gliechtenstein, who had previously launched a photo and video app RubCam and a navigation app called Wheretext. The Ethan app, his latest, only does one thing: it lets you text the app’s maker Ethan. Though originally designed as a way for Ethan’s friends to reach him, when others found the app, Ethan began responding to their messages and offering advice. And thus, a viral meme was born.

Now, Ethan says he’s working on an open source version of Ethan, which will allow others to build “Ethan” apps of their own. However, another developer has beaten Ethan to market with something similar – an open source project called “Ethanifier” that allows developers to build an app like Ethan in under 5 minutes.

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Report: US soldiers returning from Liberia being placed ‘in isolation’ in Italy

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Originally posted on Twitchy:

As we are learning that Ebola aid worker Kaci Hickox would be released from quarantine in New Jersey, there are reports that U.S. soldiers returning from Liberia will be isolated in Italy and monitored for three weeks:

Reportedly this will be protocol for soldiers returning from service in Ebola-stricken areas:

The Obama administration’s mixed messages on Ebola have proven to be mock-worthy.


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Lego Collecting With Will Reed of The Brick Blogger.com

Originally posted on The Collectors Show:

This week on The Collectors Show (www.webtalkradio.net) we meet Will Reed of The Brick Blogger.

Collecting Lego with Will Reed of Brick Blogger

I’ve never seen a group of people more engaged or passionate about their collections than people who collect Lego. They are in a league by themselves. The hobby transcends age groups and other demographics. So this week on The Collectors Show we welcome Will Reed from Brick Blogger

Lego connects with collectors and fans in an interesting way as we learn this week on The Collectors Show.

Lego connects with collectors and fans in an interesting way as we learn this week on The Collectors Show.


Will says he is never too busy to talk about Lego! Brick Blogger has volumes of material on Lego though Will says his is one of the smaller sites. There are entire web sites with much more material posted than Brick Blogger. Brick Blogger is a great entry into the hobby for the beginner.

Where To Start With Lego?

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