Trouble in Paradise

I have a good friend…..we’ve been friends a few years now. We share some of the same interests. A few days ago, he and his wife had a tough day………”marital discord” as the term goes.  I’m only saying this here, because I said it directly to him (and meant it with no guile whatsoever)… really warms my heart sometimes when I hear that other people are having marriage problems…….I often think that my wife and I are the only ones (even though I know that’s baloney). We love each other very much…..errrr, let me try again: I love her very much.

She routinely misuses and abuses me……treats me like so-much-pocket-lint more often than not!  Haha….that’s funny……she needs to read that one.  Let’s just say that I might’ve gotten the algebra of our dynamics mixed up just a little teeeeeny bit in that last part.
Anyway, I’m certainly not one to revel in another’s pain but lots of couples have their bad days…..and so do we………over 17 years of marriage, a little rain must fall!


2 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise

  1. To paraphrase the Mormon Prophet, Lehi, you can’t appreciate the good without the bad. “There must needs be opposition in all things.”

    The best part about “marital discord” is making up when it’s over.

  2. I will be married 26 years January 13th, and I have to say it’s been great. Now thats not to say that there hasen’t been some static. There has. But we work it out. She never misuses or abuses me. I never do her that way either. To misuse or abuse someone you truly love would be like doing it to yourself, and you would only do that if you had some issues that needed to be worked out. But hey, don’t pay attention to me, I’m kinda nuts anyhow.

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