You know….I’m not going to mention any names (’cause that sorta stuff on a blog can work out real ugly for ya’ down the road!)……but, I don’t hide the fact that I worked in the field of geriatrics some time back (for longer than I really wanted to). I worked for a medium-size nursing home in a medium-size town in East Texas. I left there 11 months ago to go to work for a large public school district in East Texas. Since that time, the Administrator, the DON, the medical records co-ordinator, the housekeeping supervisor, and the maint. supervisor all left……..11 months!!!

Can one imagine why I don’t miss that field? Honestly, I hope to remain in education for the rest of my working life! I’m happier in this kind of work than I’ve ever been in my entire life! I wish I would’ve gotten into education a long time ago!


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