Routining – My Favorite Magic Books (via thedoktorisin magic weblog)

I don’t normally re-blog other people’s stuff, but I thought this one had some value…….yes, I know this is primarily for magicians…….but I just can’t help myself!

My Favorite Magic Books Selected Observations and Learning’s By Newell Unfried

These are in no particular order of importance. They are all great!

  1. Our Magic
  2. Magic and Showmanship
  3. The Royal Road to Card Magic
  4. Expert at the Card Table
  5. The Books of Wonder
  6. The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
  7. The Dai Vernon Book of Magic
  8. The Complete Works of Derek Dingle
  9. Revolutionary Card Technique – Marlo Stars of Magic
  10. The Magic of Slydini
  11. David Roth’s Coin Magic … Read More

via thedoktorisin magic weblog


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