The overall tone of things…….

The overall tone of the country is now rather contentious_ There just seems to be more division than I can ever remember in my 71 years. The country has been divided by so many different measurements: religious, political, gender, race, economic status, etc. The politics have become very hateful and unproductive. I really believe that the negative overtone of these factors contributes to disagreement and lack of harmony, all across society. When are we going to again become a country which is united in our effort to get along and get things done?

I generally go FAR OUR OF MY WAY to avoid all the commentary and tripe you’ll find at the bottom of most online news articles…….generally just a bunch of annoying trolls insulting one another is all you’ll find. The article in question pertained to the resignations of some US State Dept. people. I saw this comment at the bottom of the page from an obviously older person and I liked it….(the person’s handle was “Soonernow” and I should note that he’d received 243 ‘Thumbs Ups’!


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