5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Mark Perez

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Whatever you’re doing right now, you need to stop doing it and read about this really cool guy!

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mark head shot 3

Bay Area artist, builder, and fungineer Mark Perez had a dream to create a larger-than-life version of the classic board game Mouse Trap. Though it took him a span of 13 years to make it a reality, what he created is an amazing 25-ton Rube Goldberg machine that has brought smiles and a new appreciation of physics to thousands of people at Maker Faires, science centers, museums, and festivals across the United States. Mark finds inspiration in the outlandish and colossal, and his unique skills and knowledge have made him a sought-after collaborator and builder on large-scale art installations. Mark’s Life-Size Moustrap has been a crowd favorite at Maker Faire for years (including this May 18 and 19) with its unique combination of Newtonian physics, large-scale art, and performance. The show the Mousetrap crew puts on is not to be missed.

One project you’re particularly proud of:
1. It’s probably…

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