Quiet!! No, I mean it: Quiet!!!!!

This is going to come across as just a tiny-bit cheesy……but: I’ve really been doing alot of thinking lately about silence. I found my way (on YouTube) toward a cavalcade of Small House videos. I find small houses fascincating….and they’re ALL THE RAGE these days. Excess is out! ….(or so they say.)

But amidst all that, I’ve repeatedly watched a bit about a lady in California and her husband who live in a VERY small house, one that is perfectly WITHOUT electricity. I am/was/am enamored with how quiet this woman is. She’s warm, charming, even engaging……but she’s just generally a very quiet person.  ….thusly, I began to ask myself, “When was the last time you just sat and listened  to silence?”  LISTENING  to silence…………hmmmmmmm, that idea intrigues me. I have a great deal of noise in my life — and much of it is there, because I put it there. But, what to do about all that??


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