Zines Pop Up Underground in the New York Subway

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The New York City subway has a strange and wonderful new retail space at one of its stops in Brooklyn. Called The Newsstand, the month-long pop-up store sells zines, mail art cards, vinyl records, and other fun, fringy, retro-art goodies.

For people who may not know, zines (small-circulation magazines) grew out of the sci-fi fanzines of the 30s-60s, came of age in the punk rock heyday of the 80s, and really exploded in the 90s, thanks to desktop publishing, home copiers, and corner copy shops. Most people think that zines died during Internet childbirth, but zines have remained alive and well, they just went deeper underground, continuing to appeal to a smaller, more dedicated fanbase. In recent years, they’ve even been enjoying something of a resurgence, perhaps as people begin to pine for the good ol’ days of print, punk-rock publishing, and physical mail.

Into this opportunistic environment comes The…

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