Time Reborn by Lee Smolin–Why Time Actually Exists

Haven’t read it, but it looks interesting.

Auxiliary Memory

What is time? Philosophically and scientifically, that’s a hard question to answer. Can anyone even tell us how many books have been written about time? Here are some of my questions:

  • Is there one eternal now that exists everywhere, throughout all of reality, in this universe, and all the other universes of the multiverse?
  • Is time just the 4th dimension? Does the first three dimensions move through a fourth?
  • Does time actually exist, or is it just an illusion?
  • Why and how do we feel time?
  • What is the smallest unit of time?
  • If something has been ticking since the Big Bang, what is that tick?
  • Is time mental or physical?
  • Will time stop if the average temperature of the universe reaches 0 degrees Kelvin?
  • Is time just change? The motion of atoms, the turning of the Earth, our orbit around the sun, the unfolding of existence since the Big…

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