“Ethanifier” Lets You Build Your Own Single-Purpose Messaging App Like The Viral Hit “Ethan”


Earlier this month, a ridiculous but clever app calledEthan began blowing up on the startup discovery site Product Hunt. The app is a simple creation built by iOS developer Ethan Gliechtenstein, who had previously launched a photo and video app RubCam and a navigation app called Wheretext. The Ethan app, his latest, only does one thing: it lets you text the app’s maker Ethan. Though originally designed as a way for Ethan’s friends to reach him, when others found the app, Ethan began responding to their messages and offering advice. And thus, a viral meme was born.

Now, Ethan says he’s working on an open source version of Ethan, which will allow others to build “Ethan” apps of their own. However, another developer has beaten Ethan to market with something similar – an open source project called “Ethanifier” that allows developers to build an app like Ethan in under 5 minutes.

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