NEW RELEASE: LAV-25 Amphibious Reconnaissance Vehicle

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Brickmania is pleased to announce the release of our newest modern military combat vehicle kit: the LAV-25  We have only a single run of these kits planned before the holiday season and no guarantee they will ever be produced again.

822_LAV25_2Background of the LAV-25

The LAV-25 is an eight-wheeled armored reconaissance vehicle currently used by the US Marines and Canadian Army. It’s puspose is to give force recon elements a highly mobile, armored weapons platform and personnel carrier. It can travel at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour on land and eight miles per hour through rivers and lakes. It is armed with a Bushmaster 25mm chain gun, has a crew of three, and can carry four additional troops in the passenger compartment. It’s combat debut was made during in the Invasion of Panama and has since seen action in both Iraq wars and in Afghanistan.

822_LAV25_3LAdditional information about this…

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