Investors Are Backing A Recruiting Revolution


Editor’s Note: Christine Magee is an editor for CrunchBase.

Hiring is going high tech thanks to a crop of new venture investments.

Recruiting can be a nightmare for companies of all stages and sizes – it’s a time suck for current employees, often a shot in the dark in terms of candidate search and interview logistics, and if done haphazardly it can really screw up a company.

It’s an issue that has spawned a new class of startups tackling a variety of recruiting obstacles. With over $400 million raised in 120 venture rounds this year, investors are finally directing their attention and cash toward one of the largest pain points for any company – hiring.

As companies like Hired, Jibe and ZipRecruiter secured sizable rounds in the past few quarters, total capital committed this year has already surpassed 2013’s total of $275 million by a long shot.

“I think what’s happening right now is the realization that…

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