Stop motion — big bucks!!

Artist's rendering of Coraline's evil 'Other Mother'

Artist’s rendering of Coraline’s evil ‘Other Mother’

So, a few nights ago, I watched a web stream of an auction hosted by Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills, CA. The company that did Coraline, The Box Trolls and ParaNorman auctioned off its original puppets made for the films. They even auctioned off this one-of-a-kind Coraline puppet (some sort of VIP giveaway thingie)……

Any-hoo…..this was a major big-bucks affair….I promise!!  I watched about 45 minutes of the thing and it was pretty cool!  Two versions of ‘Fish’ from The Box Trolls sold for $8500 and $12,000, respectively. But the big Ka-boom was Coraline’s Evil Other Mother puppet……..which brought a staggering $50,100!!  That’s a chunk-o-change!!

I loved how just a manhole cover from The Box Trolls brought over $900! …a manhole cover!!  Those are some people with money-to-burn!


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