I’m weird. I’m not particularly ashamed of it. I like esoteric things.

I work for a state agency…..and some months ago, I found a gigantic stack of old forms (from the 1970’s!!) near the big office shredder and I thought they were cool. Apparently, they’re the documentation concerning call-ins that people would make to complain about various public health issues. Here’s one (pretty much verbatim) from April 1977:

“Mrs. ‘B’ from Myrtle Springs, Texas calls in stating she has a shallow well for water supply. She complains that her next door neighbor has a mobile home and runs sewage out on the ground, less than 100 feet from her well. Couple both work in Dallas.

Action taken: Wrote letter — check June 20 — Called Mrs. ‘B’ Aug 8 — she said nothing has been done. Inspected this place with Mrs. ‘L’s’ son, 3-21-78 [nearly a year later!!!] Septic tank and field lines have been installed and apparently are working properly.”
—————— It appears to’ve been closed on 3/22/1978


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