Just throwing out some gratitude

I work in Texas. Child Protective Services is really in the news these days around these parts. We read lots of things (positive AND negative) about families and children in the press since an (apparent) need for more spending in that department is present.

This is silly…..but I just feel grateful for all the good things my Mom did for me when I was a kid. I really miss her…..she died many years ago. But I just really miss her and wish I could hug her and tell her ‘thank you’ today for all the great stuff she did for me while I was growing up. The music lessons, the money for school trips, the clothes, the cooking, the shopping, the doctor/dentist/orthodontist visits, church, weekends, hugs, laughter, an attentive ear…….and so much more. Thank you, Mom. I miss you every day. When you were alive, I thanked you…..several times……but I just wish I could do so VERY LOUDLY today, right here where I am.



I’m a little tired, so this will be short. 2013 was not a bad year for me/us……not by any standard. Just regular life stuff and all the standard insanity that makes life what it is. Most any thing I’d complain about would just be “First World problems”……by and large. For whatever reason, I’ve really been in one of those, “Does my life really matter….”-modes.  I wouldn’t use the word “depressed”….not by any stretch. I just thought that, at age 44…..my life would be……..ummmmmmm, bigger by now. Now, we’ve tasted of the major economic woes that many others have tasted of during the past few years, so that’s a big factor (although there’s a long list of people who’ve lost EVERYTHING—and WE CERTAINLY didn’t experience that)…..but we had some cloudy days. 


I suppose I just want to have a healthy and balanced focus this year…….healthy and balanced. I’m just one guy. One guy, who grew up in a small po-dunk town in East Texas……a guy who, by-and-large has done OK for himself. I want to be the Dad my kids need the most…….and the husband my wife married (but maybe just a smidge better than that smart-aleck!!) 


…..so, I love noting little random bits of stuff that I overhear my kids saying……a’lot of it is priceless.
So, we’re visiting the in-laws on this lovely Easter weekend, and I hear my 4 year-old son saying this to grandma: “Momo, I’m sorry I broke your clock.” (pause while grandma tells him that it’s OK…no big deal, to which he then states)…..Momo, I’m sorry I broke your ‘nother clock.”
Priceless……..truly priceless.

Just too cute!

For reasons I don’t entirely understand, I haven’t put many photos on this blog…….so here’s an especially cute shot of my little tike-ster when he was about 20 months old.