On smallness and being small

I suppose for no particular reason, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about just how small my life is. I don’t mean I have a terrible life (because I don’t…..MANY people have lives 500% worse than mine has EVER been). I guess I just mean that my life, in general is very small. My job is perfectly OK……and what I do is important, but it doesn’t have a sense of IMMEDIATE impact on the lives of hundreds of people. I have a few friends, and that’s great and I appreciate them….I really do. But, y’know……few people ever really seek out my opinion or my input.

Some years ago, I ran a medium size business (got out of it….too stressful for me)…..I sometimes remember those times, and think about how people would stop chatting with others and turn and listen to what I had to say. Now, one might argue: ‘Here’s a guy who obviously got too much emotionally from his work, or at least tried to.’ and those people might be right. I don’t know…..I’m just feeling a little mopey, I guess. I’ll snap out of it, I always do.


I generally……….

……refrain from using my blog to discuss other people’s stupidity, but I just couldn’t let this one go: there is a college professor in Florida who has stronly suggested that the whole Sandy Hook Elementary shooting nightmare was “staged” (or at least, the photos were).  Wow, just when I think the “bottom” has been established, someone manages to fall below that.

In Memoriam……..

Was visiting the in-laws in Panola, Texas today…….got up early this morning and drove down to the Jernigan Family Cemetery. Just kind of sad looking at the headstone for my young brother-in-law, Jimmy Joe Jernigan, Jr. who died October 2009 in a motorcycle-related accident. He was a good kid……he died way too young…..only 31 years old. He was just a ruddy little boy when I started dating his sister (she’s now my wife of 18 years). Maybe I’m putting this here to “digitally” make sure his name isn’t forgotten…..I dunno. Just had this on my mind.